OTechs - for HiTechs

OTechs is a modern, hitech company specialized information security and open source technologies. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable IT and Security service provider; Congratulations; you are in the right place. Navigate our WEB site for our IT and Training Services.

IT & Security Services

OTechs IT and Security Services are mostly based on highly trusted open source technoligies. Solutions and Technologies provided by OTechs are very stable, reliable and secure.

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VPS & WEB Hosting

OTechs provides four types of VPS plans for different types of usage with different prices that make them affordable for most of us; budget VPS (OT-VPS-1), Personal VPS (OT-VPS-2), Professional VPS (OT-VPS-3) and Business VPS (OT-VPS-4).

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Training & Developement

OTechs provides different specialized training courses in the field of Informatin Technology with special concentration on Information Security and open source technologies.

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